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The challenge

Wounds of different aetiologies are a challenge for the patient, the health professional and health-care systems. An adequate treatment right from the start may be essential for the final outcome and new science must be taken into consideration in local wound treatment as well as in overall wound care strategies.

A nurse cleaning an infected wound on a leg
Bioburden in Wounds

Take control of bioburden

Wound healing is a biological process involving a series of precisely programmed phases. Elevated microbe levels will impair the process, resulting in an increased risk of wound infection and delayed wound healing.

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A woman sitting on a bed with one leg as a faded illustrated silhouette
The cost

Once a wound is infected, it’s too late to prevent it

People suffering from chronic wounds or complications from acute wounds are affected in many ways. Pain, anxiety and depression have been reported, as well as limitations due to dressing changes. Troublesome symptoms, such as wound secretion and odor, may lead to isolation. In some cases, individuals also face the financial burden of travel costs, sick leave and the cost of dressings and compression therapy.

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Infant in hospital environment
Antibiotic resistance

Let’s be honest, we’re too dependent on antibiotics

Antibiotics have transformed the work of medical professionals and saved millions of lives. However, we are now racing towards a post-antibiotic era where common infections and minor injuries could once again kill. Already, an estimated 700,000 die each year due to antibiotic resistance and it is seen as one of the biggest threats to global health.1, 2 In certain cases, doctors are confronted with the medical dilemma of being unable to prescribe an effective treatment. A new approach for managing infections and their effects is required.

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