Fungal infections in skin folds

Treat fungal infections in skin folds

Under certain conditions, fungal skin infections (intertrigo) can develop in moist areas, such as the skin folds of the stomach, under the breasts and between the fingers and toes. Symptoms of fungal infections include severe redness, flaking, itching and blisters.1 Sometimes infections are associated with a bad odor from the infected area.

Risk factors for the development of fungal infections in skin folds (intertrigo) include antibiotic treatment, obesity, conditions associated with an impaired immune system and warm and moist environments.

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Sorbact® – The easy way to treat fungal infections in skin folds

The most common treatment strategy for fungal infections in skin folds (intertrigo) is topical antifungal creams and ointments. They leave greasy and sticky residues on the skin that can cause irritation, and may also cause other side effects as well as risk of resistance development. Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze offers a solution for easy treatment of fungal infection in skin folds (intertrigo). No creams or ointments are needed.

Clinical evidence

More than 30 years of clinical experience have demonstrated the efficient, well tolerated and simple use of Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze for the treatment of fungal infections in skin folds (intertrigo).2, 3

Market study

Sorbact® is a good alternative to topical antifungal treatment

In a clinical follow-up survey with healthcare professionals from 24 sites, the person treating experienced that the Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze had a good effect, was easy to use and was considered a good alternative to topical antifungal agents.3

Published study

Sorbact® treats interdigital fungal infections in the diabetic foot

In a published study, 75 % of diabetic patients with interdigital fungal infections were healed or improved within 10 days. No adverse reactions were recorded.2


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Sorbact Surgical Dressing applied on a patient with fungal infection in skin fold
Case report

Skin fold infection in a patient with type 2 diabetes

An 81-year-old male with an intertriginous fungal infection involving the natal cleft, scrotum and inner thighs following a bowel infection treated with vancomycin. Frequent loose stools complicated the management of the infection and a treatment attempt with antifungal cream for two weeks failed to eliminate the infection. Deterioration and skin breakdown left the patient in considerable discomfort, and a different treatment approach was needed.4

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Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze

Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze offers a solution for easy treat­­ment of fungal infection in skin folds (intertrigo). No creams or ointments are needed.

Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze treats fungal infections in skin folds (intertrigo) by lowering the bioburden.

No mechanism of bacterial or fungal resistance has been described with Sorbact®.

Because no active agents are released to the skin, Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze can be safely used with newborns5 and with pregnant women.

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