The Sorbact® solution

Winning on all fronts

The killing of bacteria means endotoxins are released from dead cells and cell debris is left in the wound. But unlike antimicrobial dressings that actively kill bacteria, Sorbact® removes bacteria, irreversibly binding them to its surface to reduce bioburden and support wound healing. Sorbact® has no contraindications and low risk of allergies. It can even be used with newborns1, pregnant and lactating women.*

*Note precautions for Sorbact® Gel Dressing in IFU

illustration of microbes on sorbact surface
Sorbact® Technology

Sorbact® reduces the bioburden in wounds

Based on natural processes and physical interactions, Sorbact® removes bacteria to prevent and treat infection without releasing active agents into the wound.

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Nurse applying sorbact dressing to elderly woman in hospital
Sorbact® advantages

Effective wound healing

Safe and effective removal of bacteria reduces the bioburden in wounds which facilitates the healing process. It is also shown that Sorbact® exhibits high cell compatibility and does not change cell morphology.

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Sorbact® supports Antimicrobial Stewardship

Respond to the rise of antimicrobial resistance with Sorbact®

The whole world has woken up to the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Without effective tools for prevention and adequate treatment of infections, the number of people for whom treatment is failing will increase. Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) initiatives offer an opportunity to reduce the rate of AMR and Sorbact® dressings can form a valuable part of your AMS strategy.

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1.Data on file. ABIGO Medical.

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