Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze
Fungal infections in skin folds

Bacteria- and fungi binding ribbon gauze

Intended to treat fungal infections in skin folds (intertrigo)

Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is a bacteria- and fungi binding dressing, based on Sorbact® Technology. Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze can be placed in skin folds to treat fungal infections (intertrigo). The dressing helps reducing odor and pain and can improve healing.

Intended use

Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is intended for use in fungal infections (intertrigo) in skin folds. Sorbact® Ribbon Gauze is also intended for use in the management of clean, contaminated, colonized or infected exuding wounds, such as cavity wounds and fistulas.




Wound type

Fungal infection in skin folds

How to use

For fungal infection in skin folds Watch movie
An illustration of a shower with waterdrops

Step 1

Prepare the affected area according to local clinical practice.

Illustration of a white tube with a cross over it.

Step 2

Do not use antifungal creams or ointments in combination with the dressing.

Two illustrated hands instructing how to open a Sorbact ribbon gauze package.

Step 3

Select an appropriate dressing size to be able to cover the affected area.

Two illustrated hands showing how to apply Sorbact ribbon gauze on an rash.

Step 4

Apply the dressing, cut if necessary. Ensure that the dressing comes into direct contact with the affected area.

An illustrated torso with sorbact ribbon gauze under a bra.

Step 5

If fixation is required a bra or underpants can be used. The use of a skin friendly adhesive is recommended if additional fixation is needed. The adhesive should be applied outside the affected area.

Illustration of changing a sorbact dressing with a blurred wound in the background.

Step 6

Change the dressing once daily in conjunction with inspection.

Illustration of changing a sorbact dressing with a blurred wound in the background.

Step 7

Continue to use the dressing for 2-3 days after the symptoms
have resolved to avoid recurrence.

Clinicians should ensure that the product is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Product range

SizePcs/packRef. no.
1 x 50 cm, 0.4 x 19.5 in2098118
2 x 50 cm, 0.8 x 19.5 in2098121
5 x 200 cm, 2 x 78 in1098120
10 x 200 cm, 4 x 78 in1098119



  • Johansson A, Ljungh Å, et al. 2009 Open study on the topical treatment of interdigital fungal infections in diabetic patients
    J Wound Care. 18(11):470, 472-473


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