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Sorbact® safely removes bacteria

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Safe and effective removal of bacteria reduces the bioburden in wounds which facilitates the healing process. Make a good choice for your patients.


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Sorbact® dressings offer a solution for a wide range of wounds at all stages in the wound-healing process, making wound management easy for both caregivers and patients.

Sorbact® removes bacteria, irreversibly binding them to its surface to reduce bioburden and support wound healing. Sorbact® has no contraindications and low risk of allergies. It can even be used with newborns, pregnant and lactating women.* Make a good choice for your patients. Choose Sorbact®.

*Note precautions for Sorbact® Gel dressing in IFU

Explore our products

Sorbact® can be used right from the start, in all patients


Proven to prevent and treat wound infection

Proven in more than 40 clinical studies and in publications including over 7,000 patients, Sorbact® has more than 30 years of successful use in clinical practice. Today Sorbact® is helping patients in over 65 countries around the world and we are continuing this important work by collecting clinical data.


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